Continental Group is a Hungarian-owned hotel management company, a definitive force within the local tourism profession. Its owners have a passion for their profession and have spent many years working together as friends and family. Their objective is to offer quality hotel and restaurant services, creating a premium product. They believe they can only be among the best by working with the best team. Their work is marked by constant innovation, revitalization and putting their heads together.

The company has plenty of major hotel management achievements they can be proud of over the last 12 years. It was the first to open a boutique hotel in Budapest by launching Hotel Parlament, then opening Hotel Palazzo Zichy in 2009 using the experience gained in the first project.

The company's third hotel, Hotel Moments Budapest was opened in March 2016 on Andrássy Avenue, just a few steps from the Opera House and the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The fourth hotel of Continental Group, namely D8 Hotel was opened in November 2018. D8 Hotel is in downtown Budapest, only a few steps away from the Chain Bridge and from the famous shopping street, Váci Street.


Gábor Flesch
Director of Operations
Judit Kanel
Managing Director-Continental Travel and Aktív Tours
Réka Patakfalvi
Regional Director of Sales, Marketing & PR
Tamás Flesch
Tamás is the "developer", the company's engine.  New projects always seem to "find" him.

As Managing Director his job is to steer the company with strategic insight. His motto is that a company is either growing or regressing.  He prefers the first of these options. When he's not busy with business development, he enjoys playing tennis, golf or reading a good book.

He speaks English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. You can contact Tamás at:
Réka represents creativity in the company. As Sales, Marketing and PR Director she is responsible for managing the sales team, internal and external communications, image, branding and every "little detail" she feels has an impact on corporate image.

She is a founder and a driving force of Csodák Hídja [Bridge of Wonders], a charity foundation she created with her girlfriends and clients. She is happy to spend her free time playing golf, doing yoga, but also likes to get creative in the kitchen.

You are welcome to contact her in English, German or Italian. You can reach Réka via:


Gábor is a numbers guy. As Operations Director he is responsible for the company's financial and economic management, fine tuning of daily operations and preparatory work for all new projects. He has precise and detailed calculations of everything.  Nothing is left to chance.

You are welcome to contact him in English, German or Italian. You can contact Gábor at:


Judit manages the inbound travel agencies operated by the company: Continental Travel and Aktív Tours. She is the Vice-President and a founder of the Hungarian Incoming Professionals' Association [MABEUSZ]. 
She has many years of  travel and events management experience under her belt, having successfully managed a myriad of groups with her two teams. She's persevering, open to new ideas, loves her job and the ensuing constant stream of learning. She spends her free time reading or at the theatre, but also loves to travel in Hungary and abroad alike.
She speaks German. You are welcome to contact Judit at:


We support your company with  many years of  daily practical and professional experience and a competent and efficient team.
  • hotel- and business development
  • consultancy planning, preparation, licencing procedures
  • pre-opening, product launch
  • selecting  the most suitable operational concept
  • controlling with the management company
  • brand identity design
  • due diligence, analisys, proposal, follow-up
  • sales and marketing (yield management, web marketing, action plan)
  • proposals for cost saving and profit improvement measures