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Continental Group / CSR


Réka Patakfalvi, one of Continental Group's owners is among the dreamers and founders of CsodaPont [WonderPoint] Foundation, comprised of ladies with a drive to help others.

The objective of this passionate team is to build a "bridge" between supporting companies and private individuals to the target groups that need their support.

They feel that many people are open to helping others, but they may not always know how - and especially to whom - they can offer their support. The CsodaPont community believes they can use their business and private contacts to mobilize a great community for worthwhile causes.

For further information please visit www.facebook.com/csodapont or our website  www.csodapont.hu.



Storybook titled The Joy of Giving

 The CsodaPont team published “The Joy of Giving” storybook in 2015 as a Christmas gift for deprived children.  The book emphasizes the importance of giving and helping others.

The Bókay Children's Clinic

- donating hotel textiles to the clinic

- participating in the “Tour de Bókay” charity cycling event

- donating HUF 1 000 000 from the proceeds of a fund raising event

Courage Camp

As a member of Bátor Tábor's [Courage Camp’s] Therapeutic Recreation Detail the Continental Group Team also participated in a charity running event and supports the foundation’s work with donations.

Continental Travel and Aktiv Tours are strongly focused on acting consciously and taking social responsibility. They strive to help others, hoping to improve the lives of those around them, so they regularly support organizations or give direct assistance to a specific institution, to help underprivileged families and children.

    A few examples:

    -  SOS Gyermekfalu Alapítvány  [SOS Children's Village Foundation]
    -  Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány  [Child Nutrition Foundation]
    -  Bátor Tábor [Courage Camp]
    -  Ökomenikus Segélyszervezet  [Hungarian Interchurch AID - HIA]
    -  Háromszínvirág Gyermekotthon [Tricolor Flower Children's Home]
    -  Menhely Alapítvány [Shelter Foundation]
    -  Városliget megújítása – Padok festése [Renovation of Budapest City Park - Painting Benches]